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30 €

Composed By Ennio Morricone-Clear & Solid Silver Mixed

Coloured Vinyl, High Quality

The original soundtrack of the 1971 obscure Erotic Italian-Yugoslav movie ‘Maddalena’, directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz and starring Lisa Gastoni, Frank Wolff, Ivo Garrani, Paul Gozlino and Lucia Alberti. ‘Chi Ami’ was also used as the theme for the BBC-TV series ‘The Life and Times of David Lloyd George’ and reached the 2nd place in the UK Pop charts in 1981. This Soundtrack features the whole Morricone spectrum, from the amazing Edda Dell’Orso vocals to the Alessandroni choirs, with a touch of lounge, psychedelic and experimental moods.

It is an absolute masterpiece and must-have for all Morricone fans and soundtrack lovers. The vinyl version of the original 1971 release is one of the rarest Morricone soundtracks, and will now be available as a re-release by Monte Stella records on coloured clear and solid silver mixed vinyl.

1. Come Maddalena
2. Chi Mai
3. Una Donna Da Ricordare
4. Pazzia In Cielo
5. Erotico Mistico
6. Chi Mai (Versione Italiana)

Editeur : Monte Stella Records
Nombre de disque : 1
Pays : Etats-Unis