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8 courts métrages d'animation de Joanna Priestley :

Voices (1985, 4 min., drawings on paper, 16mm, 1.33:1)
A humorous exploration of the fears we share: fear of the darkness, of monsters, of aging, of being overweight and of global destruction.

She-Bop (1988, 8 min., drawings and puppet animation, 16mm, 1.33:1)
She-Bop is about power, rage and seizing control of your life. The star of the film in the film is cartoon Kali, the great destroyer/creator goddess. She-Bop combines drawings on index cards and puppets, abstraction and character animation. It is based on a poem by Carolyn Myers, performed by jazz singer Carolyn Lochert Curtis.

All My Relations (1990, 5 min., drawings on paper with 3-D frames, 16mm, 1.33:1)
All My Relations satirizes the pitfalls of romance, from marriage, childbirth and upward mobility to the disintegration of a relationship. The animation is framed by a series of sculptural assemblages, which emphasize the message implied by the archetypal characters whose dilemmas may be familiar to those who have bought into the "American Dream".

Candyjam (1988, 7 min., drawings, puppets and object animation, 35mm, 1.33:1)
Candyjam is a whimsical, animated collaboration by ten animators from four countries. Candy is the subject and each filmmaker brings their own unique style to this experimental film which includes animated candy and objects, drawings and puppet animation.

Pro and Con (1993, 9 min., 2-D puppets, drawings, object and cel animation and clay painting, 35mm, 1.33:1)
Pro and Con investigates life in prison through two monologues: one by a corrections officer (Lt. Janice Inman), and the other by Oregon State Penitentiary inmate, written by Jeff Green. Pro and Con features self-portraits that were drawn by inmates at the penitentiary and object animation of weapons and crafts that were confiscated from inmates.

After the Fall (1991, 6 min., drawings on paper with location shooting, 16mm, 1.33:1)
After the Fall is about relationships and the frustration of not being able to connect with others. The animation was drawn on index cards that were shot outdoors, at a fast food restaurant, garbage dump, flower farm and near Mt. Hood. After the Fall ends with the hero finding community by planting a seed from his heart. The final shot reveals how the film was made.

Hand Held (1995, 7 min., ink and watercolor on paper with pixillated hands, DVD, 16mm, 1.33:1)
Hand Held is about organizing to confront oppression. The animation, made with ink, watercolor and pastels on index cards has been shot while being held in real people's hands. Models of all ages (infant to Joanna’s 93 year old grandmother) and races, prosthetic hands and animal paws create a symbolic community of hands that surround the artwork. The soundtrack was performed by the acclaimed acappella quartet: The Bobs, Joe Finetti, Richard Greene, Janie Scott and Matthew Stul

Grown Up (1993, 7 min., drawings on paper, pixillated hands and object animation, DVD, 16mm, 1.33:1)
Grown Up takes a humorous and poignant look at what it means to be turning 40 and growing older.

Suppléments :
Deux documentaires :

Relative Orbits - 13:30 documentary
A documentary tour of Priestley's studio and a look at the artwork from After the Fall and Hand Held.

Amazons and Ingenues - 12:00 documentary
A behind the scenes look at how Voices, She-Bop, Pro and Con and Grown Up were made.

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